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Why SendNow?

Email Deliverability
Enhance cold email inbox delivery
Experience peace of mind with our deliverability-focused product, equipped with fail-safes, real-time notifications, and spam prevention, ensuring your emails consistently land in the right inboxes and sparing you the frustration of spam placement.
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Reputation Management
Prepare your domain inbox
The most critical aspect of outreach is ensuring your emails reach the inbox, and with SendNow's reputation management, you can wave goodbye to the worries of email deliverability as we ensure your messages are prepped for successful delivery every time.
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Email Rescue
Email health check-up
Managing your email is necessary during your campaign more then ever.
For the first time, Sendnow will notify you when you hit spam, blacklists and ,monitor your email health and safety in real-time
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The days of paying per user
and inboxes are over.
We have it all in one place.

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Frequently asked questions

How are you different than other outreach apps?


SendNow is the specialized cold email outreach platform designed with one singular focus: Your email deliverability. While we have similar features that automate cold emails. We have built an entire engine that gives you much higher success at hitting the inbox.

Do you really have an unlimited database for storage.


Yes, You are able to keep all your prospects in SendNow, as we don't force you to delete contacts. Deleting contacts is a bad practice.

Are your plans really unlimited?


Yes, everything is unlimited, Users, workspaces, unlimited contacts storage and unlimited followups. The only limit is the contacts you can email per month.

Is there any limit to the number of emails I can send monthly?


No, there is no limit to monthly emails you can send. The restriction limit to send emails depends on your ESP (Email Service Provider)

Is there any product or feature limitations while I'm on the free account?


No, Only the amount of people you can contact per month of 250.

How many people contact each month?


Each plan has a tier of People you can contact. Ie, 3000, 10,000, 20,000 You can email them as many times as you need.

What happens if I exceed the prospect limit of any plan?


You will need to purchase more contacts from us, chat with us at support for assistance. Don't worry. It won't be a lot.

Can I add/invite team members and my clients as users?


Yes, 100% free of charge.

Are the email verification credits renewed monthly?


Yes, based on the plan you choose, the credits are refreshed.

Does it need any credit card information to signup or try?


No, You only need to add a credit card when you are ready to buy

How do I cancel my account?


To cancel your account all you need to do is move your paid plan to our free tier. We will store all your cold email campaigns and contacts so you can come back any time to restart. If you want to delete your account and all data contact our support.

Still have questions? Email us at
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