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How Can Agencies Create A Great Onboarding Experience For Their Clients?

A lead can be converted into a long-term client through a series of steps. The typical process begins with marketing to scout out leads and capture your target market.

In the moment of giving the verbal yes to your business, an account executive delivers a pitch that sells the prospect on your business and why it's a great fit.

In this article, you will find actionable steps to help you onboard new clients for your agency, which is an often overlooked part of the customer journey.

What is Client Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of welcoming and introducing new clients to your business, addressing their questions and concerns, and ensuring they achieve the results they desire.

Stage 1: Compliance and Payments

Documents and contracts

It will give clients an extra incentive to get started on the onboarding process as soon as possible if you prepare a written contract, formal agreements, or confidentiality forms after receiving their verbal agreement. 

The contract should not be signed or any additional documents requiring the client's signature received before any action is taken.

Maintain CRM records for clients

It is essential that you have accurate contact information stored in your CRM before scheduling any calls. 

A checklist of what should be recorded in your CRM:

When onboarding a client with a large team, you might have to communicate with different stakeholders. Identify the central point of contact and communicate directly with them.

It is important to identify the primary method of communication (such as telephone, email, Slack, Skype, Zoom) in order to schedule calls and meetings efficiently.

Stage 2: Assign an Onboarding Specialist

The contact information of the new client needs to be kept in your CRM so that your internal team is aware of it. At some agencies, onboarding is handled by an Onboarding Specialist, but if not, it may be handled by a team that manages the new account.

The internal team will need to be informed about all aspects of the new client.

Stage 3: Client Kick-Off

Welcome Email

Before scheduling a call, the assigned onboarding specialist needs more information to begin the kickoff process. The purpose of sending a welcome email is to introduce the client with the team and outline what's needed to begin the onboarding process. A welcome email should only be brief and provide a quick overview of the client. 

Onboarding Questionnaire

A set of specific questions will be included in the onboarding questionnaire to uncover the client's purpose for using your services.

Your client onboarding questionnaire should include the following questions:

Kick-off Call

Onboarding begins with the kick-off call, which is an opportunity for both parties to make sure they are on the same page. 

Discuss the following information with the client:

Stage 4: Onboarding Resources 

You want to provide your clients with a mix of digital assets and physical products that they can use during the onboarding process. These can include the following:

Stage 5: Scheduling Touchpoints 

A client's journey may differ, and some may adopt the new product or business process sooner than others. Since churn is more likely to occur within the first 90 days after onboarding a new client, the touchpoints will help you identify potential roadblocks. 

Stage 6: Collecting Feedback

Once a client has been onboarded, it's important to gauge their satisfaction with your business by sending a CSAT survey

After the client passes a major milestone in the customer lifecycle, the CSAT survey should be sent to measure their satisfaction with the product or business. 

In order to understand a client's loyalty to your business, sending out an NPS survey can provide more transparency. Sending an NPS survey 30 days after a client has been onboarded will help you understand if they believe your product or service is worth referring to others.

A checklist streamlines your client onboarding process and gives your team a clear list of tasks to complete.


In this article, we mentioned a client onboarding checklist:

Payments and Compliance

Assign Onboarding Lead

Client Kickoff

Onboarding Resources


Collect Feedback

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