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Fundamental Copywriting Principles for Writing Cold Emails

It takes a lot of practice to write a cold email to a specific audience. Copywriters make a lot of money by writing those perfect messages.

The following are my copywriting principles

Emailing a person is different from emailing a company. 

Make your email personal to the person you're sending it to. Talk with people the same way you'd speak with a friend. Don't use “Dear X,” acronyms, or complicated words. Since we're writing our email to an individual, we're able to be precise about who we're contacting. Our goal is to speak with A “tax lawyer who helps HNWIs in New York.” The more specific, the better. Every email should appear to have been sent to only one person.

It is important to keep emails short and to the point if you want them to be effective.

A single mobile screen should not fit more than two paragraphs plus a short call to action (CTA). Remove bullet points or long sentences and paragraphs.

Cold emails are intended to start a conversation

In this case, you are not presenting services, or selling your products. You just want to get their interest/curiosity and proceed to the phone call. As a result, you can't expect one email to generate enough interest for someone to engage with us in a sales cycle. If people don't take action, or simply miss the email, don't focus on conversions/emails. Instead, focus on conversions/prospects. It only takes around 8 emails to convert someone, even if it takes 6 months.

It is important to keep your templates up-to-date.

It is ok to make slight improvements before each send at the beginning. Once your meeting book rate reaches the level you want, you won't need to change it. However, you should ask yourself: "What can I do to improve it even more?" after every 100 sends.

Our principles guide us.

It's not enough to be good.

Concise and direct writing

Ensure all words in the email serve a clear, concise purpose. Try to avoid doublespeak, jargon, and bureaucratese (overloading the audience with words, the longer the sentences, the better).

The utilization of our proprietary service has increased as a result of implementing pre-planned strategic initiatives for the current quarter by using various creative measures.

We have increased revenue by implementing our goals

You should do the same with the CTA. If you're asking for a call, do so directly. Don't try to ask insecurely by asking whether you would respond yes to a short call in an imaginary world.

Prospects should be considered when writing emails

We want to speak about what THEY want to speak about, not what WE want to speak about. We should emphasize in our entire email that we can solve their most challenging problems. The entire email should only discuss what we can do for them, not about you. Nobody cares about you, they only care about what you can do for them. 

"Stop telling moms their babies are ugly if you want to solve their problem.".

It's better to show than to tell

You can use case studies with companies they've heard of and with a specific number of what you were able to accomplish for them, rather than bragging about how great you are like; We can do X, we are experts in Y, and we are world-class in Z. Instead of saying, we built a new website that improved their branding. Consider that the new website for company x increased conversions by 17%, which resulted in $173,178 in additional revenue.

Assumptions should not replace research.

We rely on research instead of just talking about generalities. Go the extra mile. It's worth it.

Always tell the truth

In the Internet world, it is crucial to always maintain honesty and integrity, as the online community is interconnected and small. Ensuring truthfulness is essential, even when striving to reach a common conclusion. Therefore, it is important to provide accurate information in Cold Email Templates. If, at any point, you experience negative emotions regarding the content you have written, it is advisable to delete it. Lying can significantly hamper our client's sales team's ability to effectively engage with individuals online.

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