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How Can You Close Deals Faster Using the Phone?

In order to succeed as an agency, you need an effective sales techniques. You want to close high-value deals as fast as possible, which is why multichannel marketing has become so popular today. Although many salespeople use email and social selling, some are reluctant to pick up the phone. There are several reasons why voice calls can be a powerful addition to your sales process.

Trust increases with digital calls.

When prospects buy, they need trust, but that can be hard to build purely from emails. They are naturally cautious, but the ability to speak to a sales rep and hear their voice can reassure them. Prospects get a chance to ask any questions and raise any concerns they might have, and the sales agent can address them immediately. Increased trust means prospects are more likely to purchase.

Engagement increases with digital calls.

As a sales rep, you have the opportunity to build stronger business relationships when you talk to a prospect. The ability to offer personalized advice and increased value makes a voice call much more effective than purely communicating via text. As a result, prospects are more likely to become loyal, long-term customers.  

Knowing when to dial.

Salespeople hesitate to use voice because it is hard to scale. After all, you can only speak to one person at a time.

With SnapCall, you can pick which prospects to talk to instead of having voice calls with every single lead who visits your site. You can ensure you spend your time talking only to your best prospects by showing a click-to-call link only to those who have shown buyer intent on your website or engaged in text chat. 

In any multi-channel sales process, phone calls complement email outreach and social selling. In addition to building trust, voice sales are a powerful tool for closing deals faster.

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