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How to Introduce Yourself in an Email

For sales reps, cold emailing can be a successful strategy. We're not talking about mass emails (though these are effective, too). Instead, we're advocating personalized, well-researched emails that show that you understand your client's needs.

One experiment found that 17 percent of respondents replied to personalized cold emails, while only seven percent replied to mass emails.

In order to connect with potential clients through email, how can you introduce yourself in a way that encourages responses?

Make your subject line attention-grabbing

Your message will not be heard if the recipient doesn't open your email. That's why the subject line is so crucial. Two journalists found that around 45 percent of personalized cold emails were opened.

Consider the following when writing a subject line:

Your connection is the first step

Your email should begin by mentioning a contact you have in common. Perhaps this person is a client who recommended you connect with them, or it may be someone you've both worked with previously.

Even though you won't have a personal connection with everyone, that doesn't mean you shouldn't make sure you are contacting everyone personally. For instance, your service might be relevant to their recent product launch or an article they published; make a reasonable association to what you'll be offering them.

Introduce yourself briefly

Don't take up a lot of space in your correspondence; limit yourself to a few sentences to describe who you are and what you do at your company. It should, however, clearly state your position at the company, so your contact knows what you can control about the proposal.

What can you offer them? Let them know

The client shouldn't wonder why you wrote them. Instead, tell them why they need what you're offering right away. You might mention that you have a new service on offer or that you are aware that their company is changing. You should let your contact know within the first few sentences why you are contacting them - and that you recognize them as someone who could benefit from your services.

Make sure you include a call to action

Upon concluding this brief correspondence, let your contact know what you would like to happen next. Perhaps you'd like to arrange a call or meet briefly in person. Be clear in your request so they feel compelled to respond.

By thanking them for reading your message from the beginning, you will develop a positive relationship with them, even if they don't respond immediately.

Cold Emailing: The Benefits 

The best way to increase your customer base is by cold-emailing carefully targeted clients. Mass emails work, but well-researched and individually-tailored emails are the best.

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