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How to Sign an Email: 6 Examples to Use Now

You send out a lot of emails every day as a sales professional. While you focus on the subject line and the message, you might overlook the importance of your email signature. Making a strong first (and second, and third) impression can help you establish a relationship with prospects and, ideally, lead them down the sales funnel, which helps you accelerate the "like, know, and trust" factor.

In sales emails, a well-designed signature helps you gain credibility, build trust, and encourage recipients to respond. Additionally, it provides prospects with the information they need to get in touch with you and learn more about your services, so they are more likely to request a meeting or continue the conversation.

To create an effective signature for your sales emails, here are some email signature best practices and examples.

1. Don't waste time on irrelevant information

Keep your signature concise instead of cramming everything on it. Include only information relevant to your prospects, such as your name, position, company, and address. The CAN-SPAM act requires all emails to include a signature describing who you are and why they should contact you (this is required by law.)

2. Make your name come alive by putting a face to it

Our inboxes are flooded with emails every day.

In other words, your prospects get a lot of emails, but most of them fail to capture their attention. Adding a headshot to your signature adds a personal touch, makes you stand out, and builds trust with prospects. Make yourself memorable by using a photo that's professional and approachable.

3. Provide links to your social media accounts

You can build instant credibility by including your social media profiles in your signature. It's a great way to invite prospects to learn more about you and your business. 

Ensure that your social media profiles are professional and consistent.

4. Encourage recipients to act

Your email signature should include a call-to-action that encourages prospects to contact you, schedule a meeting, or request a demo. 

To streamline the process and eliminate unnecessary back-and-forth messages that can increase friction and cost you opportunities, include a calendar link in your signature.

5. Provide testimonials, ratings, or awards

It takes just a few seconds to build instant trust with social proof, increasing response rates and building instant trust. Through your email signature, you can convey authority and credibility not only through customer testimonials and ratings, but also by including awards, honors, and mentions that you or your company has received.

6. Make your content or lead magnet more visible

Promote your expertise by linking to recent blog posts, press releases, stronger webinars, and lead magnets (e.g., an ebook or whitepaper). 

Consider only showing a few items that are relevant to your email recipient in your signature.

Make your email signature a sales tool

You can increase the effectiveness of your sales emails with a well-structured email signature or use email structure template. So take 10 minutes and upgrade your email signature now, and reap the rewards for years to come.

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