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Five Persuasive Techniques Every Sales Rep Needs to Master

You may find yourself performing the same routine every time you speak to a new client as a sales representative. Perhaps you use the same tactics you've used for years, even if they no longer feel authentic to you. Perhaps your techniques aren't delivering the results you'd like, or you're getting bored with the same old sales pitch.

Discover the five most persuasive sales techniques if you're looking to shake up your business or add to your arsenal.

Show your client that you value them. 

Having been in sales for 55 years, a 55-year veteran says that selling is both a feeling and a thinking proposition. For your clients to consider your proposition more, the first step is to make them feel like they are the most important person on your agenda. Common courtesies include being attentive, meeting on their timeline, and focusing on their biggest concerns.

As a matter of fact, this idea is to emphasize that you are looking out for your client's best interests. In other words, how can I make this client feel important and taken care of?

Focus on meeting client needs, not yourself. 

During a sales meeting, one of the biggest mistakes a sales rep can make is focusing too much on themselves, their company, and their product. Instead, tailor your meeting to be all about your client and what they want or need. What does your product do for them? What makes your solution ideal for their problem?

This strategy requires more research than a traditional, one-size-fits-all pitch meeting, but it will re-emphasize how sincerely you want to earn the client’s business.

Make your value visible to clients. 

Tell the client how your product or service will solve their problem rather than just using numbers and figures. This could involve walking them through a problem they're experiencing, and then demonstrating how your offer can solve that problem. The alternative is to share a compelling true story from a similar company; ideally, choose a company that is similar to the client you are pitching.

Your client should start small. 

Getting your client to do something, be it watching a video or downloading a guide, is the first step in establishing a relationship with them. This is because humans repeat behaviors we've already begun.

Having taken a stand, people will act in ways consistent with the decision in order to defend and justify the decision, according to the National Association of Sales Professionals.

Testimonials can demonstrate the value of your product or service. 

When you have a hesitant client, one of the best ways to convince them is to show them other companies are satisfied with your services. In order to share your testimonials with prospective clients, you should collect them from satisfied clients. Bring them with you to new client meetings, both on paper and as part of your virtual presentation.

Sales Techniques Toolbelt Development

The first rule to effective selling is to remember that clients are individuals; no routine will work for everybody. Learn to talk to them in their language. It is crucial to identify who the client is and what they want before you decide what strategies will work best to compel them.

Furthermore, just because one sales rep succeeds with a particular technique does not mean it will be successful with another. If a particular technique feels uncomfortable to you, you should not use it. The best way to connect with clients is by being yourself.

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