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How to Prospect a CTO from a SaaS Company?

SaaS companies often ask their BDRs/AEs to prospect for CTOs. The challenge is that these individuals are tough to reach.

In 2023, prospecting will be different.

Relevance and authenticity are essential.

My goal was to understand how Michael Morockos evaluates different technologies and vendors, and what works when prospecting.

The following are some key takeaways.

CTOs are (very) busy

Among their responsibilities are managing multiple people, deploying new code, and attending other meetings.

Demonstrate empathy as a rep. 

The key to catching the CTO's attention and getting them talking about your product or service is to educate them on it.

Prospect Relevantly

With all the data available today, there is no excuse for not researching your prospects.

Review your prospect's LinkedIn profile, website, and 3rd party tools to get insights.

A rep's toughest challenge is connecting those data points with their value proposition. Practice makes perfect.

Non-relevant emails will be deleted or marked as spam.


It is important to follow up if you have a genuine offering consistently. I am not talking about following up for the sake of following up.

Incorporate insights, competitor intelligence, value proposition, and follow-up cadence into each touchpoint.

Content & Social Media

Linkedin, Medium, and Quora are popular social media channels for CTOs. 

In the same way that everyone consumes content (articles, webinars, etc. ), they use these channels too. 

Throughout the prospecting process, how do you educate your prospects? 

Understand their priorities

Compared to enterprise-level CTOs, SaaS startup CTOs have different priorities and problems. 

During your research, consider that. 

Consider all these factors when contextualizing your offering.

CTOs will research you. 

It is a transparent world in which we live. 

You can count on your prospects visiting your website, viewing the API documentation, and/or signing up for a free trial. 

You must align your outbound messaging with your marketing to avoid losing prospects.

Final Thoughts

Prospecting for a CTO is a skill. 

Over time, you will become more adept at doing so.

Educate, be persistent, authentic, and relevant

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