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The Ultimate List of Cloud Calling Systems

In today's fast-paced technologically driven world, people are accustomed to instant access. Being accessible to your customers can go a long way. As cloud-based telephony solutions/virtual phone systems make it easier to connect with customers, regardless of time or location, this has become even easier. 

For agencies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses, VoIP provides a high-quality, affordable alternative to traditional office phones that require hardware and phone lines.  

In order to help you find a cloud-based business phone system that fits your needs, we have compiled a list of these providers:


With OpenPhone, you can separate your business and personal calls and texts by using a local or toll-free number. To answer business calls and text messages with teammates, you can share a phone number. Currently, OpenPhone is available only in Canada and the U.S. and is available in the browser, iOS, and Android apps. 

An individual account starts at $10 per month, while an enterprise account costs $15 per month and offers a dedicated account manager and analytics.


Its intuitive dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of your team members by listening to live calls and monitoring their activity. Aircall is a phone solution designed for sales and support teams. By integrating your CRM of choice, such as Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zendesk, you can maximize your productivity. 

Aircall offers a 7-day free trial or a $30/user Essentials Plan that provides you with the foundations you need to get your team talking. The Professional Plan, which costs $50/user per month, includes a dedicated account manager, Salesforce integration, advanced support, and more sales features if you're in the scaling phase of your business.


Even if your business is concentrated in a single location, Justcall eliminates the need to operate a multi-location call center communication system. Businesses can use Justcall's key feature to utilize local phone numbers in every country in which they operate. You can also maintain an existing number or set up a toll-free number if you prefer.

The standard plan includes email and phone support along with basic calling features whereas the Premium plan offers more advanced features, Salesforce integration, and priority support.


In addition to HD audio for optimal sound quality, call recording, and voicemail to listen to conversations played back, ZoomPhone allows users to set up quick calls without video. It's available on mobile devices and desktops. Zoom Video has a wonderful experience, and you'll love its phone experience as well.

Among the four plans offered by ZoomPhone, you'll find a free plan, a pro plan, a business plan, and an enterprise plan. You can start with the Free plan, which includes unlimited 1-on-1 meetings, and web and video conferencing. You'll get more admin controls, dedicated support, and more calling features with the Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans.


Ringover makes handling calls easy. Sales and support teams can use virtual numbers in over 60+ countries, receive unlimited free calls, integrate CRM and Helpdesk, and access numerous calling features. As the telecom solution for increased productivity, Ringover is available via mobile and web apps, providing visibility into team members' geographic locations, real-time statistics, and analytics on call trends. 

Smart and Power plans are offered by Ringover. The Smart Plan starts at €24 / user/month with no commitment and includes all the features you need to get started, such as unlimited free calls, online configuration, and instant installation. At €49 / user/month, the Power Plan includes 15+ CRM integrations as well as analytics and reporting.


SMBs and entrepreneurs can use Grasshopper to focus on what they do best, their businesses. You can create vanity, local, 800, and even port existing numbers to Grasshopper so you can keep your personal and business numbers separate. With no additional equipment needed, you can conduct business anywhere.

The Solo plan costs $26/mo and includes one phone number and three extensions for entrepreneurs. The more common plans are Partner at $44/mo and Small Business at $80/mo with five numbers and unlimited extensions. All plans include calling features, reporting, and custom features.


UberConference is your conference calling solution. With screen sharing, voice intelligence, and other powerful conferencing tools, this conferencing tool makes it easy to host virtual meetings. You can share and edit documents in real-time thanks to integrations with social media, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more. 

Start calling immediately after signing up with the free standard plan, which includes unlimited calls for up to 10 participants. The $15/month business plan includes calls for up to 5 hours or $10/month for a toll-free number.


RingDNA enhances sales teams' performance by automating call logging and voicemail and using AI-driven analytics to optimize your sales process. RingDNA helps outbound sales reps make more calls. 

On their website, you can get prices by filling out a form.


Dialpad's features have proven to streamline your business communications and improve productivity with AI technology, voice intelligence, and call switching. By connecting your team via voice, video, messaging, and online meetings, this unified communications software makes cross-departmental communication much easier and more effective. 

The $20 CAD/mo/user plan lets users get unlimited calling and messaging, as well as integrations with G Suite and Office 365. Those teams that are scaling may consider the $30 CAD/mo/user Standard plan, which includes Salesforce integration, support in more than 50 countries, and more.


With no setup needed, Freshcaller is your solution for a modern phone system. With FreshCaller, phone teams can work remotely, smart escalation strategies are prepared for the support team, and voice bots help de-escalate customer problems. 

FreshCaller is a professional phone service that starts at $0/month, with pricing depending on your business needs.


You can optimize your business process with Switchvox, a small to mid-sized business-focused communication software. Your clients can interact more efficiently with you thanks to features such as web conferencing, chat, phone, fax, and more. 

The site doesn't provide pricing information, you'll have to contact their sales department, but you can try it for free

UniTel Voice

Personalized greetings can help you win over your customers. The Unitel Voice phone system is easy to use and can be integrated with existing home, office, and cell phones.

Starter, Plus, Pro, and Enterprise are four different service plans from Unitel that differ in price and features. To learn more, click here.


FreedomVoice is a virtual phone system that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs expand their businesses. FreedomVoice requires no hardware. All you need to do is sign up, choose a local or toll-free number, and you're ready to start. 

You can cancel FreedomVoice at any time, and there are no contracts. You can also take advantage of a risk-free 30-day trial. 


Nextiva is the solution you need for businesses operating in multiple locations. Its features include voice, video chat, conference calling, and integrated CRM features. It allows your team to accept business calls on multiple devices with business being controlled from one central location. 

There are three service plans for Nextiva's business communication suite - Basic, Pro, and Enterprise - with varying features and prices. Nextiva does not require businesses to sign long-term contracts. With Nextiva, you can sign up for a monthly service and cancel it at any time.


Your team can use best sales techniques to improve the conversion rates and provide exceptional customer service with SnapCall, the best VoIP business phone system available. Within minutes, the solution can be embedded directly into any website or mobile app, and it is so easy to use that no training is required.

Using SnapCall, you can connect your customer service platform or CRM to make fully digital calls, so you don't need telephone numbers or any additional equipment to talk to customers or prospects. By enabling call button display filters and setting the schedule that fits your business hours, you can specify who and when will be able to reach you (for example, VIP or business customers only).

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