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Top Email Validation Tools To Verify Your Emails

In order to make a positive impression on the customers' minds, it is very important to have valid email addresses, and email address validation tools assist in this process. In order to validate the authenticity of these email addresses, email validation tools check them against their service providers, such as Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo. 

Typically, email lists become overstuffed within a short period of time, and high bounce rates, spam complaints, and low open rates indicate it is time to purge them. In this case, email verifier tools help you eliminate poor quality and non-responsive contacts while also improving your email metrics, which ultimately leads to a higher deliverability rate and a better reputation for the sender. 

How will the Email validation tool help you?

Email validation tools can benefit you in the following ways:

A sender decides whether to send the email to the address based on the data returned by the email verifier.

It is possible to guarantee that each risky outgoing email has been removed from the sender list by using the following data. This results in emails reaching only valid and receiveable addresses, resulting in higher open rates.

So here are the top email validation tools to verify your emails


Its foundation and operation is the work of Tamas Szabo. Senders prefer this email address verifier due to the following reasons:

Millionverifier is one of the best email verification services available, with low-price packages. For $59. you can verify 50,000 emails, for $99, and for $299 you can verify 1,000,000 emails.  


The sender can easily boost their leads and focus on sales conversions using this online email address validator tool, which assures 98% deliverability with MyEmailVerifier.

There are also plans ranging from $2.88, $12.60, and $21.60. The basic plan starts at $1.44 for 500 emails and goes up to $60 for 50,000 emails.


There is no doubt that ZeroBounce.net is one of the most popular email verifiers online. Their system is designed to cater to companies that send low-volume and complex emails, in order to avoid deliverability problems.

They also offer a 10% discount for first-time customers. They offer very affordable plans starting at $16 for 2000 email credits.

Bulk EmailVerifier

Bulk EmailVerifier tool allows you to verify email addresses in bulk in real-time using an API, or you can upload .csv or .txt files smoothly with email lists. 

In addition to their ad-hoc and subscription pricing models, their most basic plan starts at just $79 per month.


Email verification tool with a 97.5% deliverability rate. It has validated over 1 billion emails and has a 5-star rating.

You pay as you go. They have plans for 50,000 emails starting at just $10. The slabs increase through $50, $140, $500, and $1500.


It reduces bounce rates and boosts your sender's reputation in a very short amount of time.

For 1000 emails a month, the bulk plan is $19.95, and 3,000 API queries are $29.95.


With their real-time verification and batch-processing capabilities, this email verifier has earned the reputation of being the best enterprise-grade email verification service. The high accuracy and speed of this service, coupled with extensive affordability, distinguishes it from others.

For 500 emails, this service starts at just $4.


There is no doubt that this is one of the best email list verification services around the world, providing high-quality ESP integrations and batch verification APIs for corporate email service providers and marketers.

It only costs $7 for 1000 verifications with the basic plan.


With this tool, many campaigns have been saved from drowning because it assures quick deliverability, email verification, and cleaning.

With this service, you can pay as you go for 1000 email checks starting at $7. For 5M email checks, you can pay as little as $2000.


Emailable provides the best email verification services for senders looking to increase their deliverability. 

Two pricing models are available: a monthly subscription or a pay-as-you-go option. Their plans can be customized to meet your needs.


With 8 advanced verification processes, only a few competitors can match this level of accuracy. It is a fantastic tool to streamline your email verification process. The sender is assured of being protected from spam traps, disposable emails, hard bounces, and other problems. Their email delivery accuracy is guaranteed at 99%, they guarantee there will be no false negative cases, and bounce rates will be reduced by 10x. This tool also has the following features:

Pay-as-you-go and monthly subscription options are available.


Using Bulk Email Verifier, you can verify bulk email addresses in a short amount of time and minimize bounce rates. It is equipped with features like:

Starting at $45 for 10,000 verifications, the basic plan is the most affordable.


A powerful tool like Mailfloss can verify emails within minutes while filtering out the invalid ones.

With the basic service plan, you can verify 10,000 emails per month for $17 a month.


A record customer base of over 100,000 users has established NeverBounce as one of the most reliable email verification tools. It boasts a simplified layout that categorizes emails into five categories: 

Furthermore, it offers over 25 additional advanced metrics. The API allows you to verify both single emails and bulk emails, and you can get 1000 verifications for free per month.

According to their pricing model, one email is verified at a cost of $0.008 for 10,000 emails. 


As a result of the difficulty of customers providing their authentic information while filling out forms on websites or surveys, email verification has become an integral part of business marketing. Sending emails to such addresses can negatively impact your reputation and your sales in the long run. A good email verifier monitors these activities by scanning and filtering out the wrong and invalid addresses regularly and helping businesses with only the verified ones. The deliverability of these verified email addresses has a direct relation to the success of your marketing campaigns.

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