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Utilize Sendnow's Ultimate Features to Simplify Your Outreach Process

Level up your email marketing strategy and get the most out of your email campaigns with our SendNow AI Tool.
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Simple effective powerful

Seamlessly connect with your audience with automated email sequences.
Save Precious Time, No more hours spent crafting individual emails. With automated sequences, you set it up once, and we handle the rest, delivering the right message at the right time.
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AI powered email writing.
Harness AI brilliance, Say goodbye to writer's block
and hello to unlimited creativity. Our AI empowers
you with smart suggestions and generates email content that shines.
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Elevate your email deliverability
to levels never seen before.
Boost Engagement, Higher deliverability means more opportunities to engage your audience. Get your emails in front of the people who matter most and watch your results soar.
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Get rid of inbox chaos
with the unified inbox.
Streamlined Efficiency, Tired of juggling multiple inboxes? Our Unified Inbox brings all your messages together in one organized hub, saving you time and headaches.
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Power up your email campaign
with the email validator tool.
Bulletproof Deliverability, Say goodbye to bounced emails and spam traps. Our cutting-edge technology safeguards your sender reputation and ensures your emails reach the right inboxes.
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Write better versions of
your emails using {Spintax}
You can easily create variations of sentences and words, which can help you produce unique content
to send to multiple recipients.
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Real-Time Inbox Rotation
to stay ahead of the curve.
Avoid email delivery issues using real-time inbox rotation to reduce the risk of emails being marked as spam and get the best engagement rates.
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Kick start your reach to your potential prospects with
one of the simplest One-stop solution for cold email lead generation

The days of paying per user and inboxes are over.

Unlimited users
Unlimited workspaces
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